You’ve probably seen Kansas Property Solutions on TV, in the news, or even on this blog! We buy homes quickly and help people get out of stressful financial situations with ease. If you have a property that’s not in great shape, are facing foreclosure, or just don’t have the energy or time to go through the process of selling your house, Kansas Property Solutions is a perfect option for you.

But…what if you still owe money on your house? Especially with the economic downturn, many people need to sell their house quickly but still have a mortgage they’re working on paying off. So, can Kansas Property Solutions still help?

The answer is YES! Kansas Property Solutions can still help you with your house, even if you have a mortgage. Recently, we met a couple with a nice home on the north side of Wichita. They had purchased a new house and were under contract. Naturally, they didn’t want two open mortgages! (Who would want that?) They needed to get that house sold quickly so they could focus on life in their new home.

Kansas Property Solutions was able to help. When we bought their house, we took into account how much was still owed on their mortgage before we sealed the deal. Then, our title company that we work with sent the payoff check to the mortgage company, and boom! The house was sold, the mortgage was taken care of, and the family could focus on their future.

Even if you think you might not be eligible, give Kansas Property Solutions a call. We’re willing to bet we can make a deal with you that you’ll be happy with. We lay everything out on paper and make sure all parties are clear before we move forward. No hidden fees, small print terms, or other surprises!

Your future is important too. Whatever your situation, however much money you still owe, we will work together so we can buy your house and get your mortgage taken care of. We’re in the business of providing hope and helping you take the next steps in that exciting journey we call “life!”

Are you interested in getting a fast, fair cash offer for your home in the Wichita area? Give us a call today at (316) 226-9560 or fill out the form.

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