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Do you want a no commission house sale Wichita, for your inherited house?  Inheriting a house can be a blessing and can bring financial benefits, but sometimes dealing with an inherited house can be costly and difficult, especially if you live out of town and are trying to deal with the property long distance. It can also be emotionally challenging having to deal with all the belongings left behind in a house or dealing with repairs and possibly issues with securing the house if it’s vacant.

Whether you decide to put in the time and money to keep and maintain the house is up to you, but we want you to know that you also have the option to sell the property quickly, easily, and at a profit to a house-buying company like ours.

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Some of the advantages of selling an inherited house to Kansas Property Solutions are that you won’t have to make any repairs, pay any fees, or clean out any of the personal items, and we can probably even help you get through the Probate process more quickly with less hassle.

Dealing with Probate When You Inherit a House in The Wichita Area

Dealing with probate when you inherit a house in Wichita can feel overwhelming. You may find yourself asking, “What are my options for selling an inherited house without paying commissions?” Don’t worry! There are several paths you can take to navigate this tricky situation wisely.

Understanding the Probate Process

Probate is the legal process that winds up and finalizes the affairs of a deceased person. It’s a system designed to ensure that a deceased person’s debts are paid and assets are distributed under the supervision of the Court.

“Probate can be an emotionally draining and time-consuming process, especially when a house is involved. However, understanding the ins and outs of probate can help you avoid unnecessary stress and potential pitfalls.

Understanding Probate: A Brief Overview

In Kansas, probate fees can range from 5% to 7% of the total estate value

Stepping into the world of probate can initially feel like you’re navigating through a maze with uncertainty at every corner. It’s often a posthumous process that is not only complex, but also emotionally challenging, yet understanding it is essential. Let’s try to simplify this.

At its core, probate is the legal process that takes place after a person, often a relative, passes away. For you, having inherited a house in Wichita, probate involves validating the deceased person’s will, if one exists, and ensuring their debts are paid off before distributing the remaining assets, like the house you’ve just inherited, according to the instructions within the will.

If there’s no will, don’t fret. It doesn’t mean chaos. Instead, the court steps in, appointing an administrator to handle the distribution. This can be a close relative or a state official. The system is designed to ensure fairness and transparency within the distribution of assets.

Why is this important for the inherited house? Because you cannot legally sell the house until probate has concluded, which again depends on various factors. On average, the probate process can take anywhere between several months to over a year.

In 2019, the average time to complete probate in Kansas was 7 to 8 months

Now that you’ve gotten an overview of what probate is, let’s move on to explore your options if you wish to sell the inherited house without paying massive commissions.

Your Options For Selling an Inherited House

When it comes to selling an inherited house, you have a few options. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your personal circumstances and financial needs:

  1. Sell the house and split the proceeds with other heirs if any.
  2. Rent the house for a steady income stream.
  3. Move into the house if it suits your lifestyle and needs.

Choosing the right path might seem complex, but taking the time to understand each option can help illuminate the best course of action for you.

Your Options when Selling an Inherited House

Only 20% of inherited homes are sold through a real estate agent

When it comes to selling an inherited house, one of the key factors you’ll weigh is whether to use a traditional real estate agent or an investor. While a real estate agent can help you list and sell the house, there can be hefty commissions to pay, which can be costly.

An alternative option is to work directly with a real estate investor in Wichita. These individuals or companies can often make you an offer quickly, close within a few weeks, and more importantly, you typically will not have to pay commissions or any closing costs.

No Commission House Sale Wichita for Inherited Houses

Selling an inherited house without a real estate agent or broker is possible and could save you thousands in commissions. There are multiple ways to do this such as selling to a family member, private selling, or as previously mentioned, selling to a real estate investor.

Private selling differs from traditional selling methods. It’s like For Sale By Owner (FSBO), where you take on the role of the realtor. This path can save on commissions, but you’ll need to handle the paperwork, negotiations, and sales process yourself.

In conclusion, dealing with probate when inheriting a house can be complex and confusing. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, it’s manageable. And when it comes to selling the house, keep your options open and consider all possibilities, including selling to a real estate investor to avoid commission charges. This could leave you with more of your inheritance in your pocket.

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