Over the years, Kansas Property Solutions has helped numerous people sell their houses quickly, with a fair cash offer. As we’ve done that, we’ve heard the stories of the people we buy from and learned why our service is so important.

Kansas Property Solutions often buys homes from people who are being foreclosed on, whose homes are not in ideal condition, or who just don’t have the time or energy to go through the house-selling process. But lately, a different kind of opportunity came up.

A family of three adult siblings lost their mother, and she left behind her home, which contained many of her personal items and their childhood memories. Two siblings were in Wichita, but one was out of state. They all lived busy lives and did not have the time or resources to clean the home, do necessary repairs, and go through the selling process.

Kansas Property Solutions was able to buy the house from the siblings for a fair cash offer. They also performed another service. After the siblings went through and pulled the things from their childhood that they wanted to keep, we cleaned out the home and hauled away the trash. The siblings were delighted that the house was sold and the items were taken care of. In the aftermath of dealing with their mother’s loss, they didn’t have to go through the long sales process.

That’s what’s really special about Kansas Property Solutions. We help people. We provide peace of mind, monetary solutions, and assistance when people need it the most.

Selling a house can be an enormous undertaking. You must find a realtor, clean, repair, pack up, stage, take photos, advertise, have showings, and often wait for months. This family from Wichita didn’t have that time and needed their space to grieve without being burdened with the nuisance. And that’s what we like the most. We provide peace of mind.

Making people feel less stressed: Now that’s a great job!

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