There are several reasons why you might be in the market to sell your home. Especially now, with the pandemic creating a lot of financial difficulty for people, homeowners and landlords alike are looking to cash out of properties. Whether you are currently living in your home or are selling a property you have used for rental income, you should know there are options available outside of the traditional realtor sales transaction.

Often, people’s first instinct when selling their home is to list it with a traditional realtor. In doing so, you begin the process of “hurry up and wait” for showings, offers, inspections, and closing processes. Depending on the market and location, this process can take anywhere from 30 days to multiple months.

If the idea of waiting months doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll be happy to know that working with a real estate investor can save you both time and money. Kansas Property Solutions offers these four compelling reasons for your real estate transaction:

  1. When Kansas Property Solutions makes an offer on your property, they buy the property in “as is” condition. There are no time-consuming or budget-busting repairs required of the seller. A buyer willing to accept your property “as is” means even if your home has been damaged or vandalized by previous tenants, you can still get a fair offer and close without spending another dime.
  2. Kansas Property Solutions offers a cash closing. There is no need to worry about the buyer not finding financing to purchase your property when working with an investor. When selling to Kansas Property Solutions, you know you will close on time with a cash settlement without the need to pay a realtor’s commission. That’s more money in your pocket!
  3. Kansas Property Solutions can close in 7 days. No joke. Because we are an “as is” buyer with cash for closing, your property can close in as little as a week. Did you have some bad tenants, or do you need to sell your place and cash out? Then we are here for you. Selling your home to an investor means you can close quickly without spending time or money on costly repairs.
  4. When selling your property to Kansas Property Solutions, you set the closing date. Whether you need time to pack up your place and move or if you want to close quickly, we have the flexibility to schedule closing on your timeline. Unlike traditional home sales, we only need a clean title for closing.

Kansas Property Solutions is your one-stop shop to get your home sold today. Stop stressing about how you will sell your property and get the cash offer you need fast. Call us today at 316-226-9560 to get a fast, fair offer on your property. Our expert team will have your deal closed in no time so you can move on to your next adventure!

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